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At Nerve Renewal Neuropathy Clinics we provide treatments to help those with nerve pain get relief without medication or surgery. Our mission is to help Oklahomans renew their quality of life through innovative nerve pain treatments that provide safe and effective relief so that our patients reclaim their joy, mobility, and freedom. You’ll receive non-invasive and non-addictive treatments that help reduce neuropathy-related nerve pain and do not require recovery time after treatment.





Visit one of our clinics:
NW OKC Clinic
3705 NW 63rd St, Suite 101
Oklahoma City, OK 73116

SW OKC Clinic
9821 S May Ave, Suite B
Oklahoma City, OK 73159

Norman Clinic
4019 N Flood Ave.
Norman, OK 73069

Midwest City Clinic
8121 National Ave, Suite 105
Midwest City, OK 73110


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